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No Complaints

by Tyler Dirks

My friend Mark is always harping on how God uses non-Christians to speak truth. And I must say, I agree. There are so many instances in Scripture where God employs a pagan king to pull off something true, good, or beautiful. And there are even instances where God explicitly shames the covenant community by comparing […]

Killjoy or Real Joy?

by Tyler Dirks

So this morning’s meeting was pretty spicy! The meeting started with some decorous fellows accusing The Boss of being satanic. The Boss was having one of it! The Boss said, “I’m not satanic, you polished, courtly, well-bred fellows are satanic! I’m here to harass Satan! Which means, I’m here to harass you guys, because you’re […]

Too Much T.V./TimeOnPhone

by Tyler Dirks

Last night I watched one episode of The Last Dance. Then I watched two episodes of Loki. Then I scrolled for 1.5 hours on my phone. That’s too much. I’m not going to get rid of my smartphone, and I’m not going to get rid of my television. However, it would be MUCH BETTER to […]


by Tyler Dirks

crux | krəks, kro͝oks | noun | ˈkro͞osēz | ) (the crux) the decisive or most important point at issue. In my morning meeting with The Boss we talked about THE CRUX of God’s mission. Here’s how The Boss explained it: a paralyzed person was brought to The Boss, and The Boss said, “Your sins are forgiven.” Many of The Boss’s disciples said, “This is a hard saying; who can listen […]


by Tyler Dirks

Awhile back I was having lunch with a friend. In the course of our conversation my friend mentioned that his dad would occasionally invite him to have breakfast in order to simply and sincerely listen to what he wanted to share. During these breakfast meetings nothing was out of bounds. Even if my friend’s thoughts […]