Every person on the planet invests in what they love.  Many of you LOVE church planting, and therefore we would like to invite you to seize the opportunity to invest your money in church planting in East Charlotte!  So often we spend our money on something and/or a variety of things, but then buyer’s remorse sets in, or the product spoils, breaks, fades, or malfunctions.  Repair and replacement costs become a burden, and the desire for something indestructible and eternal begins to germinate.  If only there was a way to invest in something that would actually last!?  Well, there is!  As crazy as it sounds, God has invested in a group of sinners who are in desperate need of a Savior, and this group is called The Church.  Furthermore, in addition to His own decision to call wretched wanderers into His flock, and His indispensably foundational investment in these folks – He has also provided us with the opportunity to invest time, energy, talent, and money into the life of that enduring and eternal community (Matt. 6:19; 16:18)!  So we thought it wise to make you aware of this great opportunity to spend your money on a Christ-centered/Gospel-preaching church in East Charlotte!

You are eager to invest? …Here’s how – – – >

Please support our church plant financially by clicking on the donate button below. This will take you to a secure PayPal page where you can specify the amount you would like to give as well as making it recurring if you want. Please note that PayPal takes a small cut of the donation, so the amount reflected on your credit card will be a little less than the amount you specify. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Or …if you prefer to send a check, make the check out to East Charlotte Pres, and mail it to:

East Charlotte Pres
PO Box 691315
Charlotte, NC 28227