Plague of Meat

by Tyler Dirks

Quail carcasses everywhere. A day’s walk in any direction …3 feet of quail corpses as far as the eye can see. Envision it. See it in your mind’s eye till you start to smell the sea of meat …hold it fast in your imagination till you can practically feel the wilting feathers being pressed underfoot […]

The Power to Love Others: Who Pays?

by Tyler Dirks

She had A LOT of work to do! She rose early (pre-sunrise). She zombie-lurched to the bathroom. Her husband had installed a light switch sensor so that she didn’t have to mess around attempting to locate the tiny torture lever furnished to expose her waking wretchedness. Light burst upon the scene and exploded all around […]

Who’s The Worst?

by Tyler Dirks

Once upon a time a perfect man walked the earth. He recruited to Himself some extremely imperfect followers. He was always feeding them humble pie, but somehow they habitually managed to conjure up arguments about “their own greatness.” In fact, they would often have debates with one another about which one of them was the […]

Be Present

by Tyler Dirks

As all of you know, I am a fan Jason Petty’s poetic work in general, and this particular composition registers acutely – causing me to consider one of the most pervasive, personal, and pastoral concerns of our epoch. SIMPLY PUT – – – > YOU ARE ADDICTED TO YOUR PHONE, AND IT’S HURTING YOUR FAMILY.  […]


by Tyler Dirks

Joel wasn’t in the mood to go, but he didn’t want people to think he was lazy or negligent. So he found himself unenthusiastically attending the event. Once he arrived he quickly coerced himself into character; for though he denied it, he desperately craved the approval of the people gathered (even in spite of the […]

Why Are These People Here!?

by Tyler Dirks

We often feel like people are “in our way.” Humans can be very inconvenient and irritating, there’s no doubt about it. Have you ever been annoyed with someone? Perhaps they were smacking their food while eating and it was irksome to you. Perhaps they were driving 10 miles an hour under the speed limit in […]

Why Am I SO Defensive?

by Roger Edwards

I’ve noticed that I can be defensive. A little. Just sometimes. Mostly, I feel that I am really nice – given the circumstances. But yes, sometimes I can be a wee bit touchy. Like the other day, I was doing push-ups in the living room. My wife, who I thought would be impressed, suggested helpfully […]

Are Idols Still A Thing?

by Tyler Dirks

This guy Denis recently told me, “No one can live without some center or focus, some cherished end and purpose that shapes our ambition, even if we seem singularly unambitious to those who have adopted different ends.” Denis edits a magazine called Critique, and in the most recent issue (Issue 1 of 2017) he’s determined […]