Our Purpose: Women’s Ministry at East Charlotte Presbyterian Church is an initiative to uphold the elders’ vision to equip women to see, savor, and serve Jesus. Each event or ministry under Women’s Ministry serves its role as an outflow of the ministry of the Word and sacrament in order to enfold women into the life of ECPC.

Our Structure: Under the leadership of the elders, the Women’s Ministry Team is broken up into the following areas of focus.

Women’s Prayer & Cheer will be the praying and serving arm of women’s ministry. The committee would consist of two committee chairs with other members being part of the committee.

Prayer: Women of ECPC are warmly welcomed to join together to pray for ECPC on the second Tuesday of every month during the school year from 6:30-7:30pm.  Please contact Mimi Henderson for more information.

Prayer Triad Resource: The PTR will work under the oversight of the Sessional Liaison over Prayer Triads. She will keep a running list of the ladies committed to a prayer triad, and then be able to direct a person looking for a prayer triad. The Session has approved Kim Domras as the Women’s Prayer Triad Resource.

Cheer: As the serving arm of the Women’s Ministry, this committee will organize men and women of ECPC to bring cheer by providing meals during illness, death in the family, or birth of a baby. The chair of this committee will oversee and delegate the creation and distribution of meal sign ups to committee members. Committee members would also be called upon to extend encouragement, visits, notes in the mail, etc. Five or more women will enable this committee to flourish. Kim Domras will oversee this committee.

Women’s Christian Education encompasses Women’s Bible Studies and (future) Women’s Sunday Schools.  For this year, a Women’s Bible Study on 1 & 2 Peter will take place for six weeks in the Fall and six weeks in the Spring on Wednesday evenings at the Domras home. Jill Piteo is the committee chair, and she has selected to use Jen Wilkin’s book on 1 Peter as a study tool.

Women’s Discipleship: This committee serves to develop women in grace, godliness, and spiritual maturity through relationships with varied stages of spiritual maturity under the protection and guidance of church leadership and sound doctrine.  One means to mentoring at ECPC would be through book study groups of 3-5 women meeting monthly throughout the school year. Rachel Hampton has organized four book studies this year.

Women’s Outreach: ECPC’s mission is to invite, equip, and exhort people to see, savor, and serve our Lord Jesus. Each year we will evaluate where to spend our time and energies in outreach, with possible avenues to share the Gospel of Jesus through outreach Bible Studies, nursing home visits, ministry to JH Gunn, tutoring programs, and various women’s outreach events in the East Charlotte community and beyond.

Women’s Events Committee will plan all regular social events for the women of ECPC. Ideally, 3-5 women would assist the Events Committee Chair in planning and executing Women’s Quarterly Meals, first time baby showers, bridal showers, the Spring and Fall Adult Small Group Dinners, and any other social gatherings. Events are usually planned in January. The chair will also coordinate the annual Fall Women’s Retreat. Kelly Clark is the chair, and she is open to new ideas for social events.