How can I serve? We’re glad you asked! There are four teams that our church requires to organize and plan for our Sunday morning worship services, which are due to begin in September.

Children’s Ministry Team

Team Lead: Kristen Parman

This team serves the church by serving her children. The team is focused on ministry to our children instead of merely babysitting. Our curriculum is based on the Show Me Jesus and Teach Me to Worship.

Worship Team

Team lead: Justin Harwood

Our worship team is comprised mainly of those who are musically gifted, or gifted in sound engineering, or gifted in the planning of worship services, or merely interested in our church’s corporate worship.

Welcome Team

Team lead: Alex Parman

The welcome team is concerned with the atmosphere that people experience as they join us for Sunday morning worship services. They aim to be warm and inviting by focusing on meeting the needs of those who worship with us in terms of hospitality.


Team lead: Jonathan McClure

The roadies are a ministry that serve other ministries. Without them, all of the other moving parts of the church wouldn’t be able to function. Because we worship at a location that we do not own (an elementary school), we must therefore┬áset things up and tear them down each week.