STEP ONE:  Accumulate, Develop, and Exaggerate Resources.

STEP TWO:  Identify, Develop, and Exaggerate Strengths.

STEP THREE:  Establish & Organize Resources and Strengths in such a way so as to obtain Maximum “Control.”

*Important Note #1:  in order to sufficiently achieve the desired “god” status you must simultaneously strive for (a) The “O Attributes” [omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence], and (b) deceit.  The DECEIT is of the utmost importance due to the fact that the “O attributes” are an impossibility for anyone other than the Only True and Living God.  Therefore deceit is necessary (nay – VITAL) to sufficiently dilute our awareness of the obvious reality that we could NEVER actually be God.  One must “dupe themselves” and saturate their “understanding” in the requisite foam of fraudulence prior to “believing” in themselves.

*Important Note #2:  Separation & Smallness are essential to the god plan.  Community (even of the weakest variety) will sooner or later cripple the most sincere efforts of a god complex builder.  One can never exercise too much caution when it comes to distancing themselves from others (if for no other reason than the fact that the “god plan” lies at the heart of every other person on the planet, and there is simply no telling when, where, and/or how their god complex project will effect yours …there are certain risks false gods simply cannot take).  Smallness is also an integral part of the plan.  Many-a’ builder has grown discouraged and defected under the weighty reality that they – despite their best efforts – are simply unable to achieve the goal of the god plan.  Keep it simple, and keep it small.  For example, start with just one room in your house, or a video game, or – best of all – a plot of land in the woods somewhere (far away from the threat of power outages, and/or people).  Early on in the process (and frankly throughout as well) things are fragile, so it’s best to take every precaution and avoid uncertainties.

Good Luck!

You’re an idiot!