1.  Who has God put in your life for you to listen to?

2.  How are you committing to people these days?  Are you committing to a specific/local Christ-centered community in such a way that it will hurt when it comes time to leave? (See Acts 20:36-38)

3.  What RISKS are you taking these days?

4.  What are you RECEIVING from God these days?  …Are you avoiding risks because you’ve neglected to receive what God is giving you?

5.  When was a time you trusted God even when it didn’t “make any sense”?

6.  How, When, Where are you embracing awkwardness these days?  …If you haven’t embraced awkwardness in a while, where could you start?

7.  Are you organized enough to rightly address issues that arise and/or implement ideas?

8.  What impresses you the most about Jesus these days?