Jesus held Scripture in the highest possible esteem.  He knew the Bible intimately and loved it deeply.  He was always prefacing His statements with “It is written…”  At all times (Major &/or Minor &/or Mundane) He had Scripture on His lips [it was His weapon, wheel-house and womb …toe2toe with Satan, or being crucified, etc.].  His mission was to fulfill Scripture.  He never disrespected, disregarded, and/or disagreed with a single text of Scripture.  He affirmed every bit of law, prophecy, narrative, and poetry.  He never for a moment accepted the legitimacy of anyone anywhere violating, ignoring, refining, or rejecting Scripture.  Jesus believed in the inspiration of Scripture – all of it.  He accepted the chronology, the miracles, and the authorial ascriptions as giving the straightforward facts of history.  He believed in keeping the spirit of the law without ever minimizing the letter of the law.  He affirmed the human authorship of Scripture while at the same time bearing witness to the ultimate divine authorship of Scripture…” [Excerpt from:  Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me; Chapter:  Christ’s Unbreakable Bible; pg. 109 – – – > Keven DeYoung]