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by Tyler Dirks

Over the past 6 years ECPC has many times wondered, debated, and wrestled with the question, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” And Christ’s prophetic and pastoral response has consistently been, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child […]

Propaganda Is Thoughtful

by Tyler Dirks

Most of the time I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I run. However, from time to time I prefer music; and this morning the music was made by an artist named Jason Petty (a.k.a. Propaganda). I invite you to savor some of his lyrics – – – > I don’t why, still […]

Learn to do good, seek justice, and correct oppression (Isaiah 1:17)

by Tyler Dirks

In 2016 the following was approved by the PCA General Assembly by a vote of 861-123, with 23 abstentions: That Overture 43 be answered in the affirmative, as amended; and answer all racial reconciliation overtures with reference to this action: Therefore be it resolved, that the 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America […]

Jesus Is Better Than Santa

by Tyler Dirks

In my line of work I come across lots of interesting ingredients and culinary combinations that invariably cannot be included in the weekly soul food feast on Sundays. So from time to time I like to take these unutilized portions of sermon prep and offer them as mid-week snacks. Snack time today consists of a […]

The Nurse Who Read Jeremiah

by Tyler Dirks

Someone recently shared a NY Times article with me written by a critical care doctor in NYC. The article basically talks about the fact that many healthcare workers are having a hard time with wanting to care for Covid-19 patients. The doctor who wrote the article said, “I’ve always tried to be a doctor who […]

An Update From Our Session Regarding Covid-19 | March 20th, 2020

by Katie Blumenstein

ECPC Congregation, We pray that this message finds you and your family well. During this unparalleled event in our country, we are continuing to monitor the mounting recommendations and mandates regarding COVID-19 and are striving to find the appropriate cadence for the ECPC family during these events.  In continued accordance with the ever changing local, […]

The Society of the Weak

by Tyler Dirks

A group of men asked their Maker, “Which one of us is the most spectacular, the most relevant, and the most important?” The Maker put a uncredentialed, unimpressive, feeble child in their midst and said, “Unless you repent, and become like this child, you will never be great.” The Maker went on to explain to […]

Jesus bids you to follow Him (even Monday-Saturday)

by Tyler Dirks

I’m reading a book by Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper called, “Faith Mapping,” and on page 162 they share an insight from Dallas Willard …and I think we need to absorb it and ask God to Author and Perfect it in the body of ECPC. In our culture, and among Christians as well, Jesus Christ […]

Early Church Fathers

by Tyler Dirks

I’m currently reading a book by Rankin Wilbourne entitled “Union With Christ: The Way to Know and Enjoy God.” Rankin keeps quoting the early church fathers as a way of calling attention to the emphasis on union with Christ in Scripture and in the souls of those who are obsessed with Scripture. As I absorb […]

Easter Means… Your Evils Are Forgiven.

by Tyler Dirks

Tomorrow Jesus stoops to wash my feet. Friday Jesus drinks the wrath. Jesus is adamant about my atonement and my adoption. Sunday Jesus rises from the grave so that He can eternally enjoy the oneness with me that He purchased 3 days prior. It is true. It is staggering …God loves His enemies and does […]