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Idols: Knock ‘Em Dead

by Christine Yost

I had a rat in my house one time. Yikes! I tried to get it out but it was too fast. It found some super hiding place & for days, I knew it was present but didn’t know where. Finally, some men who were doing some home-repairs in my house discovered it. Thankfully, it was […]

Dark Matter

by Jason Piteo

Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with the vast expanse of the cosmos. I longed to see a glimpse of galaxies far, far away. I dreamed of boldly going where no man has gone before (or at least seeing through a telescope those places where no man would ever go unless […]

Dignifying Folks

by Tyler Dirks

People are sick and tired of being mindless consumers. You say, “No they’re not …people love mindless consumption.” People say that they “love it” but actually they are woebegone.  Watching hour after unnecessary hour of television.  Forcing ourselves to stay awake – when we know for a fact that we’re tired and our bodies need […]

The Lord’s Supper

by Jason Piteo

This Sunday night at East Charlotte Pres we will be partaking together for the first time in the sacrament of The Lord’s Supper. In preparation for this upcoming service, I would like to share with you how our church’s vision of regularly feasting together applies to the Lord’s Supper and what that means for the church practically. […]

“Lovest Thou Me?” [Jn. 21:16]

by Tyler Dirks

I have recently been following a blogger named of John Charles Ryle.  He’s really good.  You should check him out. Here’s a little taste: If you do not love Christ, let me tell you plainly what is the reason.  You have no sense of debt to Him.  You have no feeling of obligation to Him.  You […]