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Pray For Your Church Leaders!

by Tyler Dirks

Today I received a text message from an ordained PCA officer (a deacon to be specific). Though we have certainly had our differences, I must say that I found his message edifying. Here’s the message: “I want to hate my sins more than I hate the sins of others who sin differently than I do.” […]

Know Your Enemy

by Jason Piteo

I’ve been reflecting lately on the surreal first two chapters of the book of Job. I approached the book with the expectation that I’d be thinking and processing a lot about human suffering and God’s sovereignty. And while I’ll be wresting with those topics for sure as I make my way through the book, I […]

See me. Hear me. Want me.

by Tyler Dirks

The 3 BIG questions all of us are asking all the time: Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you want me?   This is the subtext of our entire life. Kids are asking their parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, etc. Husbands are asking their wives. Wives are asking their husbands. People are asking […]

Hurricane Florence

by Tyler Dirks

The ECPC call center has been getting slammed with people wanting advice and explanations re: Hurricane Florence. The explanation is – – – > God is authoring and perfecting faith. God is removing flabby “worship”, and supplanting it with a sturdy obsession aimed at our Maker. The advice is – – – > Fix your […]

Women’s Retreat 2018

by Jason Piteo

“A Handmaiden of the LORD” Signup using this link: Who are we as women chosen of God? What does it mean to be a woman, not a man? A simple but profound answer is “a servant.” Luke 1:38. What is our primary calling as women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, church members, neighbors and laborers? Do […]

No Guilt In Life, No Fear In Death

by Tyler Dirks

Guilt and fear are prominent and perennial forces in our lives. There is constant pressure to pay attention to, and participate in, the riotous assortment of advertisements, invitations, and the never-ending “news” coverage and media feeds. It is overwhelming and oppressive, but we’ve never been good at acknowledging our smallness or embracing our limits; so […]