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God’s Value System (Underlying Ambitions)

by Tyler Dirks

When Jesus confronts His friends about their argument regarding which one of them was ‘the greatest’ (Mark 9), He is forcing them to see that their underlying ambitions are all about compensating for their deep sense of inadequacy. As the prophet Samuel said to King Saul, “You are little in your own eyes” (1 Samuel […]

God’s Value System (Appearances)

by Tyler Dirks

Everyone has values. And our values are conspicuous. Our values are apparent in our spending, our attentiveness, our habits, our vigilance, and our concern regarding appearances. For instance, if you shadowed me for 5 days, you’d see that I value my iPhone, YouTube, rock climbing, running, audiobooks, “me time”, tidiness, doodling, and people’s perceptions. A […]

God’s Value System [Mark chapter 1]

by Tyler Dirks

We hear words like “marvelous” and “greatness” and “excellent” and “holy,” and we presume to know the definitions and chief manifestations of these words. For example, in 2 Samuel 7 king David presumes that God wants a more “impressive” and “stable” dwelling place on earth, but God says, “Hold up! I actually prefer living in […]

Blame & Responsibility

by Tyler Dirks

My buddy David has a stressful job. He is the leader of a hyper-dysfunctional non-profit organization. A major dimension of the dysfunction has to do with the fact that David’s predecessor was fired, but the predecessor refuses to step down. Moreover, the predecessor is extremely upset about David being named the successor, and subsequently David […]

When You Know You’re “Right”

by Tyler Dirks

She knew she was right. She had Bible proof texts to back her up! This had to stop. She was the victim. She was being abused. The burdens always fell on her. It was oppressive. She had been longsuffering, accommodating, and uncomplaining; but now it was time to call in the big guns! She had […]

The True Measure of Greatness

by Tyler Dirks

Once upon a time some leaders were squabbling about “greatness.” These guys felt tremendous pressure to settle the question of “greatness” because they had been appointed to leadership positions by God Himself! However, these men were not what you and I would consider to be “leadership material.” They were in fact bad leaders! But these […]