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#denial #desensitized

by Tyler Dirks

She loved to gossip, and she was good at it.  She was quite masterful when it came to the art of hearsay – the delicate procedures of simultaneously striving to please people while besmirching people were now second-nature to her.  And “the best part” was that she was blissfully unaware of the devastating relational wreckage […]

how to become a false god

by Tyler Dirks

STEP ONE:  Accumulate, Develop, and Exaggerate Resources. STEP TWO:  Identify, Develop, and Exaggerate Strengths. STEP THREE:  Establish & Organize Resources and Strengths in such a way so as to obtain Maximum “Control.” *Important Note #1:  in order to sufficiently achieve the desired “god” status you must simultaneously strive for (a) The “O Attributes” [omniscience, omnipotence, […]


by Tyler Dirks

Lamentation flows from a heart of humility.   Lamentation is a form of worshiping the only True & Living God, and an indispensable means of maturing in our trust of Him.   Problem – – – > we have zero humility.  We have buckets ‘o plenty, and storage units galore, and train cars by the […]