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by Christine Yost

It is sometimes said, “There is neither rhyme nor reason.” I feel that way about many things – mostly technology issues. But there are other things as well. For example, about 3 months ago I had a friend move in with me. Usually, that is not such a major event. But I had lived alone […]


by Tyler Dirks

It was this past Wednesday around 10a. We were at Marlin’s house. Keith, Jason, Marlin, and myself. We were reading Hebrews chapter 4 together and discussing what God says to us about entering His rest/trusting Him. Later that same day I listened to what Wendell and Eugene had to say about what God has to […]

The People We Love Who Reject Joy

by Tyler Dirks

How are we supposed to feel about the people we love, who are not interested in personally repenting and relying entirely on Jesus (like the woman in Mark 14:3ff)? How are we supposed to react to the people we care about, who say, “I don’t need to read the Bible or regularly examine myself as […]