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Joy Loves Limits Part II: Lamentation vs. Anger

by Tyler Dirks

Why do I choose anger over lamentation? Anger feels powerful. Anger promotes the lie of transcendence over limitations. Anger creates the sensation that I am “in control.” Lamentation on the other hand, feels powerless. Lamentation tells me to accept my limitations. Lamentation situates me in sorrow amidst calamity AND sorrow over the arrogant cancer of […]

The Joy of Remembering

by Tyler Dirks

Last week I was reading the Maker’s book. He mentioned something very important, and I thought, “This is important! I must never forget this!” And I resolved to always remember what the Maker had said. After my time in the Maker’s book, I decided to mow the lawn. About 20 minutes into mowing the lawn […]

Joy Accepts Affliction

by Tyler Dirks

There is a family in Durham NC who shows hospitality to trusted friends (Rom. 12:13; 1 Pet. 4:9) AND strangers  as well (Heb. 13:2)! One of these strangers decided to abuse the privilege of being so liberally and lovingly welcomed by breaking into this family’s home and ransacking their property. Some trusted friends said, “Well, […]

Joy Defies Herod

by Tyler Dirks

Imagine you’re an adviser to the king of Iran. You glean your insights, and get your news, from the stars. One day an unusual star broadcasts the arrival of a Jewish king (the King of kings!). So you take a leave of absence from serving the king of Iran, and you pack up your treasures […]