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by Tyler Dirks

I recently traveled back in time (via my imagination) to the days when there arose in Egypt a king who dealt shrewdly with the Hebrew people – forcing them to expose their infant sons to the deadly current and creatures of the Nile (this bit of lethal legislation coming after many hard years of slavery […]

Very Brief Blog

by Tyler Dirks

“Those understand not themselves that value not the prayers of the poor and despised.” – Matthew Henry

Chapter 8

by Tyler Dirks

I was recently reading an inspired and living letter where the letter’s author says, “There is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ, who gave Himself as a ransom for all.” So I thought, “What if people read this and get REALLY CURIOUS about the man Jesus […]

Sometimes Sinclair…

by Tyler Dirks

…Writes blogs for Ligonier, and Tyler simply copy & pastes it into the ECPC blog: Just when you are about to finish one of the letters from the Apostle Paul, he hits you between the eyes with a one-liner that tells you how well he understands your Christian life. Have you ever experienced this? Take […]

What Makes Glory Even More Glorious?

by Tyler Dirks

What makes glory even more glorious? …Disney World! All my life I’ve heard the interviewers ask the Super Bowl/World Series/Stanley Cup/Olympic, etc. champions, “What will you do now?” And the perennial answer is, “I’m going to Disney World!” Apparently it is an uncontested fact of life – when you reach the pinnacle, most glorious, moment […]

Introverts & Extroverts [Helpful Thoughts From Jessica]

by Tyler Dirks

I am an introvert. Some of my best friends are extroverts. Of course God has Authored our community in His own image (diverse yet not divided, united but not uniform), and therefore we are a blend of of sundry branches united in by a common trunk (i.e. Christ Crucified …the epic story of God’s seemingly […]