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Renown Reasonableness

by Tyler Dirks

8 years prior he had been the least self-controlled person she had ever encountered.  However, now he was renown for being reasonable.  Where was this reasonableness coming from?  Like most root systems, the one giving rise to his composure was not visible, and thus she was mired (at least for the moment) in a mystery.  […]

Is Everything Political?

by Tyler Dirks

Article written by Denis Haack (Ransom Fellowship)   In Our Only World (2015), Wendell Berry argues that people must be careful to resist the temptation of politicization: the habit of mind that tends to reduce all of life to the political. “We must reject the idea—promoted by politicians, commentators, and various experts,” Berry says, “that […]

Pastoral FAQ

by Jason Piteo

Recently in preparation for a Sunday School class about how the gospel meets reality, I realized that there are a handful of questions I am asking regularly in my various encounters with God’s people. At times, I feel like a broken record. I find myself saying and asking the same things over and over. While […]