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Cru. Confu. Conceit. Child. Charge. Childlike.

by Tyler Dirks

Question: did Jesus strive to keep a low profile? Answer: yes (Mark 9:30). Question: why is Jesus always trying to keep a low profile? Answer: because Jesus is determined to be crucified, and he knows that once he explicitly tells the crowds what he’s about, they will murder him (see John 6:60-61); and Jesus isn’t […]

“Stop Dating My Mother!”

by Tyler Dirks

Remember that episode of The Office when Michael dates Pam’s mom? Remember how it drives Pam bonkers? Remember how the tension builds and eventually boils over in the break room when Pam yells at Michael, “Stop dating my mother!” And Michael says, “You know what? I’m gonna start dating her even harder.” Here’s the clip. […]


by Tyler Dirks

I was riding my mountain bike this morning at Sherman Branch crying. Was I crying because I love being on the trail? My love of trails is definitely tear-worthy, but that’s not why I was crying. Was I crying because I fell off my bike? Not this time. …I was crying because I was listening […]


by Tyler Dirks

I was having lunch with my buddies Paul and Matt today. At one point Paul said, “I think speech is a big problem.” Matt asked, “What are you talking about?” Paul said, “It seems like people don’t understand how much wreckage is wrought by their words. Freedom of speech is regarded as license to say […]