You are a single mother living in destitution.

A homeless clairvoyant shows up at your front door.

The man says that God told him that you were supposed to feed him.

You inform the homeless man that you have no food. All you have is a ½ cup of flour, and maybe 3 ounces of olive oil. Matter-of-fact, you’re so impoverished that you were just planning to piece together one final negligible nosh and then die.

The man says, “Do not fear, make me something to eat.”

Do you want to…

[a] Call 911

[b] Obtain an abuse advocate

[c] Consent to the homeless man’s crazy request


[a] The police arrive and arrest the vagabond. You and your child are free to proceed with your plan to piece together one final negligible nosh and then die.

[b] Your abuse advocate writes a 60,000 word complaint on your behalf. 59,777 of the words in the complaint are fatuous, and by the time the complaint is published and processed – you and your child have long since been dead.

[c] You start scooping cups of flour, and – MYSTERIOUSLY – the flour never runs out! You just keep scooping and scooping, and somehow you have plenty! What!?!? This is nuts! Well, actually, it’s flour… but it’s crazy! You’ve never had such a magical moment in all your life! Never in a million years would your traditional ‘self-preservation’ approach to life lead to such an exhilarating experience! Then you start mixing in the olive oil …and the oil just keeps flowing and flowing and flowing! And because you did what this gypsy prophet man said, you and your child EAT for MANY DAYS!