Sermons from September 2014

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The Cultivator


Sermon Text: Mark 4 Reflection Questions: How are your “roots”? In what are you rooted? Are the roots deep enough? Are your gospel roots being choked out by the cares of the world? How have you been exposed by Jesus? How have you exposed Him to others? What fruit is the Lord causing to grow […]

Jesus Is Lord


Sermon Text: Mark 3 Reflection Questions: What does Jesus gotta do for you in order to make you happy? Where do you trust your expectations more than Jesus as Lord? If you were to be honest with yourself – how, and/or when, do you accuse Jesus?  How are your accusations against Jesus rooted in your […]

The Great Physician


Sermon Text: Mark 2 Reflection Questions: What “really bothers” you? Why is it so problematic?  How does this “problem” threaten or assault your sense of control, or your “sacred” expectations? Who do you see as the really bad people in our culture? Do you think God would be friends with those people? …why or why […]

The Man of Weakness


Sermon Text: Mark 1 Reflection Questions: How has God graciously imposed the model of weakness on your life?  Where (how) have you experienced the loving limitations of the Lord? What are some specific ways you attempt to dodge the reality of your weakness, and deceive yourself into thinking that you are strong? How has the […]