Sermons from July 2016

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Craving Jesus


Sermon Text: Revelation 22:6-21 Outline: Confidence (vv.6-9) Crave (vv.10-17) Compliance (vv.18-19) Reflection Questions: Perhaps you talk about believing in Jesus, but do you actually trust Him and follow Him? Why or why not?   What happens if you go 3 days without reading Scripture? Are you desperately dependent on the Word of God? Why or […]

The Future Church


Sermon Text: Revelation 21:9-27 Outline: The Glory of the Future Church The Measure of the Future Church The Head of the Future Church Reflection Questions: How has Jesus cleaned you up thus far in preparation for your heavenly marriage? What further cleansing needs to happen in you? Do you eagerly anticipate living in New Jerusalem? […]

The True New


Sermon Text: Revelation 21:1-8 Outline: New (vv.1, 4) With (vv.2-3) Who (vv.5-8) Reflection Questions: Hebrews 11:26 says that Moses considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking to the reward. What do you consider to be the greatest treasure? (please be honest) If you could be in […]

Property of Jesus


Sermon Text: Revelation 20:1-15 Outline: Satan Bound (vv.1-6) Satan Beat (vv.7-10) The Book of Life (vv.11-15) Reflection Questions: The Bible says that Satan is presently bound. Why & how is that relevant to your everyday life? Is this news exhilarating to you? Does it enliven you and make you eager to participate in the plundering of […]