Sermons from April 2023

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Cultivating Confidence


Sunday Worship April 30, 2023   “Cultivating Confidence” Judges 7:9-18 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: Moving Toward The Fear Listen For What God Says Worship & Walk In His Way Reflection Questions: If you were counseling a fearful person, how would you go about building their confidence? When was a time you moved […]

What God Wants


Sunday Worship April 23, 2023   “What God Wants” Judges 7:1-8 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: Honesty First Love Affection Weakness Reflection Questions: How have you experienced the freedom of being honest about the fact that you’re scared, while simultaneously experiencing the freedom of not being dominated and defined by fear? Ponder the […]



Sunday Worship April 16, 2023   “Assurance” Judges 6:33:40 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: The Process of Believing The Patience of God Reflection Questions: When have you been following Jesus, and subsequently you found yourself in a precarious position? When was a time you desperately asked God for assurance? How do you feel […]

Perceiving The LORD is Peace


  Sunday Worship April 9, 2023   “Perceiving The LORD is Peace” Judges 6:19-32 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: Incredulous Intimidated Intense Reflection Questions: When was a time you were incredulous toward God? (e.g. Luke 24:11). When was a time you encountered God, and you thought that such an encounter would kill you? […]