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Seek The Things Above


Sunday Worship March 17th, 2024   “Seek The Things Above” Colossians 3: 1-4 Rev. Tennant Brastow   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Four Heavenly Realities Finding Your Life In Christ Reflection Questions: What earthly things threaten to take control of your mindset (your ideas, behaviors, plans, etc.) in everyday life? When you think of the […]

The Beginning of the End


Sunday Worship October 8th, 2023   “The Beginning of the End” Judges 17 Mr. Tennant Brastow   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Introduction Idolatry Image Of The Invisible God Reflection Questions: What is the danger of reducing God, even as opposed to rejecting Him? Psalm 50:21 says, “You thought that I (God) was one like […]