Sermons from June 2023

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A Strange Answer to A Desperate Plea


Sunday Worship June 24th, 2023   “A Strange Answer to A Desperate Plea” Judges 11:1-11 Mr. Austin Cassel     Sermon Outline: An Overwhelming Problem An Attitude of Desperation Transformative Trust Reflection Questions: What digital data is immensely valuable to you? What does this indicate about your deep-rooted values? When you feel desperate, where do […]

Who Will Lead Us?


Sunday Worship June 18th, 2023   “Who Will Lead Us?” Judges 10 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: Simple Leaders Seductive Leaders The Good Shepherd Reflection Questions: Who influences you? Who do you actually follow? How fixated are you on this person? How deeply do you consider their ways? How rigorously do you strive […]

God At Work


Sunday Worship June 11th, 2023   “God At Work” Judges 9:22-57 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: Says So Subterraneous Satire Reflection Questions: When was a time you really doubted that God was at work, but then you were sincerely shocked to discover that HE WAS!? How has God’s Word been of supernatural assistance […]

The Bramble


Sunday Worship June 4th, 2023   “The Bramble” Judges 9:1-21 Rev. Tyler Dirks     Sermon Outline: A Promised Son A Provocative Parable Preasure to Reflect Reflection Questions: In what ways do you feel entitled? Or in what ways do you feel like you’ve been promised things that fuel your greed How have you fallen […]