Psalms: More Than a Feeling

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Whole Help


Sermon Text: Psalm 121 Outline: The Designer The Duration The Director Reflection Questions: What (or who) really helps you? How do you feel about helplessness? Is it bothersome or beautiful? How important is it to you – to NOT feel helpless? What’s your best reason for not trusting God and refusing His help? What does […]

Whose Story Is It Anyway


Sermon Text: Psalm 78 Outline: Telling The Story Learning The Story Embracing The Story Reflection Questions: Where would you say your eyes are normally fixed in day-to-day experience? How are your thoughts guided or not guided by the story of God’s redemption for you? Are you afraid of your children or children you love falling […]

The Cry of Christ Crucified


Sermon Text: Psalm 69 Outline: Lamentation Petition Consolation Reflection Questions: Why are you so unexcited/unmoved by God’s salvation? (You know you are – otherwise, you’d be talking about it all the time) Read the “passion narratives” in Matt 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, & John 17-19 (yes, you can read nine chapters today). How did […]

The Power of Lamentation


Sermon Text: Psalm 6 Outline: The Depth (vv.1-5) The Dependence (vv.6-7) Delighting in the Dominance (vv.8-11) Reflection Questions: What’s the biggest problem in the world? What’s your reaction to it? (e.g. Anxiety? Anger? Apathy? Lamentation?) What’s something that you’re afraid, ashamed, and/or embarrassed to admit about yourself? Do you actually rely on God’s grace to […]