Sermons from October 2019

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Dealing With Disappointment


Sermon Text: Luke 7: 18-23 Sermon Outline: Do I Say Anything? Did I Do Something Wrong? Don’t Be Offended Reflection Questions: Have you ever felt disappointed with God? Seriously, take 15 min. later today to write out your story of disappointment …like the way the Psalmists would actually put words to their feelings. Perhaps you’re […]

The Funeral Crasher


Sermon Text: Luke 7: 11-17 Sermon Outline: Noticed Not Alone No Limits Reflection Questions: Look around at your current relationships …Who’s hurting? How can you move toward that person with compassion this week? What distracts you from seeing and hearing people? Who has God relationally provided for you to lean on? How can you express […]

What Makes Jesus Marvel?


Sermon Text: Luke 7:1-10 Sermon Outline: Ordinary Neediness Owed Nothing Obedience Reflection Questions: Why kind of ‘ordinary neediness’ bothers you (e.g. needing attention from your spouse; asking for help with a task; needing someone to talk to; etc)? Why is it so so so vital for you to fully embrace and believe that God fundamentally […]

You’re Free! (Part II)


Sermon Text: Luke 6: 37-49 Sermon Outline: Free from Condemnation Free to Go Big! The Foundation of Freedom Reflection Questions: If you really really really believed that you were 100% free from condemnation, how would you perceive and treat people differently? How will you deliberately (and specifically) go about building your life on the unshakable […]