Sermons from August 2019

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The Main Things: Not The Righteous


Sermon Text: Luke 5: 27-32 Sermon Outline: Where Are You? I Want You! Walk This Way Reflection Questions: How does THE FACT that God really does meet you where you really are impact you? …Even if God simply sits with you (i.e. if He doesn’t change your circumstances), what difference does God’s presence make? How […]

The Main Things: Your Sins Are Forgiven


  Sermon Text: Luke 5: 17-26 Sermon Outline: Amazing Friends Health Scandalous Pardon Reflection Questions: When was a time you realized, “I have amazing friends?” When was a time you realized that being a member of a local and particular church was truly, really healthy? How will you specifically commit to repenting of your unhealthy […]

The Main Thing: I Desire Mercy


    Sermon Text: Luke 5:12-16   I. MEEK II. MESSY III. MARINATE IN THE WORD   Reflection Questions Jesus says to us, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’” How will you commit to going and learning what this means in the month of August 2019? What’s a current (mercy-rich) […]

Christ’s Call Changes Everything


Sermon Text: Luke 5:1-11 Sermon Outline: Christ Changes Your Mission Christ Changes Your Obedience Christ Makes It All Work Reflection Questions: What is your mission/purpose/aim in life? Will you let Christ hijack it? In what area of life are you resisting God’s call to trust and obey? Tell your family/friends about a time that you […]