Sermons from November 2018

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The Joy of Serving God


Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 1 Outline: Fanning the Flame of Faith Sharing in Suffering as a Servant Security Subdues Shame Reflection Questions: Who do you know that has such a great faith that it brings you joy? What about them might you imitate? How do you “fan the flame” of your faith in Jesus? Why […]

True Godliness


Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 6 Outline: True Gospel True Riches True Faith True Life Reflection Questions: Have you ever sought godliness as a means of gain? What are you placing your hope in? Is it this life or the life to come? Have you found rest in the good fight of faith? How does God […]

Family Matters


Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 5 Outline: Relationships Responsibilities Reflection Questions: Look around at your church family (or think about them) for a moment. Who is in need of encouragement? Consider sharing with them what the Lord has put in your heart. How have you treated a brother or sister in Christ as a rival or […]

Spiritual Exercise


Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 4 Outline: Exercise in Discernment Exercise in Godliness Exercise in Maturity Reflection Questions: How has God’s story gotten into you? Have you considered reading the Bible with the expressed purpose of entering into His story? To what extent do you toil/strive for godliness? What goals will you set in this regard? […]