Sermons from September 2023

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Destined To Fail


Sunday Worship September 24th, 2023   “Destined To Fail” Judges 16:4-22 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Need To Prove Need To Please Reflection Questions: When was a time you agreed to something simply because you couldn’t bear to displease someone? Can you admit that you’re cocky, and you’re a people-pleaser? If […]

The Enduring Spectacle


Sunday Worship September 17th, 2023   “The Enduring Spectacle” Judges 16:1-3 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Samson’s Compulsion The Narrator’s Curtness God’s Silent Reflection Questions: How do you compulsively blameshift, or make excuses, or strive to ‘justify’ yourself? How have you experienced the joy and fruitfulness of self-control, and diligent discipline? […]

The Sign of Samson


Sunday Worship September 10th, 2023   “The Sign Of Samson” Judges 15:9-20 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Spoil The Status Quo Wreck The System The Sign Of Samson Reflection Questions: How have you chronically complied with, and cozied up to, an unhealthy status quo? See Mark 7:6-9; 8:36; 1 Timothy 6:10; […]

Stranger Things


Sunday Worship September 9th, 2023   “Stranger Things” Judges 15:1-8 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Foolish Genius Conclusive & Alone Reflection Questions: Rigorously reflect on 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. Dwell on this paragraph the way you dwell on your issues with people who have offended you and hurt you. Make this paragraph […]