Sermons from December 2022

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Sunday Worship December 25, 2022   “Christmas” Matthew 2:1-12 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Distraction Obsession Danger Reflection Questions Read Mark 4:19. What’s distracting you these days? Read John 12:42-43. How is fear of man hindering you these days? What are you so obsessed with that you use all other things to […]

God’s Showed Up


Sunday Worship December 18, 2022   “God’s Showed Up” Luke 2:8-20 Rev. Tyler Dirks Sermon Outline: God’s Excitement God’s Society & Sign God’s Promise Reflection Question What is something you know for a fact God is excited about? How will you join God in His excitement for that thing this upcoming week? As you reflect […]

God’s Agenda


Sunday Worship December 11, 2022   “God’s Agenda” Luke 1:39-45 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Disruptive Supportive Awesome Reflection Question When was a time God disrupted your life and recruited you to participate in something mysterious and surreal? How has God provided specific support for you in a time of need? When […]

O Christmas Tree


Sunday Worship December 4, 2022   “O Christmas Tree” Isaiah 11:1-5 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: The Stump The Tree The Cure Reflection Questions When you force yourself to stop and contemplate the Christmas story – what part(s) do you find most perplexing or disturbing? How have you personally experienced God brewing […]