Sermons from April 2016

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The Greatest War


Sermon Text: Revelation 12:1-17 Outline: The Serpent’s Wishes The Savior Wins Reflection Questions: What is your estimation of spiritual warfare? Does it scare you, does it underwhelm you, or do you land somewhere in between? In what ways are you doing the will of the devil? How would the devil approve of your life? Do […]

The Triumphant Testimony of the Church


Sermon Text: Revelation 11:1-19 Outline: The Preservation of the Church The Power of the Church The Pleasure of the Church Reflection Questions: What mesmerizes you? Does 1 Peter 1:8 describe you? Are you more preoccupied with marketing “the Gospel”, or marinating your soul in the Gospel? Why? How much hostility are you willing to put […]

The Real King Has Arrived


Sermon Text: Revelation 10:1-11 Outline: Supremacy & Seven Thunders (vv.1-3) Secrecy & Swearing (vv.4-7) Savoring Sufferers (vv.8-11) Reflection Questions: Who’s the boss of you? What’s your boss like? (e.g. is he, or she, clothed in a glory cloud, have fire pillar legs, a brilliant sun face, and wear a rainbow crown?). How do you feel […]

Who Then Can Be Saved?


Sermon Text: Revelation 9:1-21 Outline: Appalling Torment Clinging to What Kills Us Who Then Can Be Saved? Reflection Questions: Who’s your king? The destroyer (Rev. 9:11, Apollyon), or The Savior (Jeshua/“God is Salvation”)? Have you ever experienced this phenomenon of – – – > clinging to the thing that’s killing you? Why couldn’t you let […]