Sermons from September 2016

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Pride or Pleasure


Sermon Text: Malachi 4:1-6 Outline: Punishing the Proud (v.1) Play & Participate (vv.2-3) Pleasure in the Word of God & the Coming King (vv.4-6) Reflection Questions: What does pride look like in your life? Write a one page answer to the questions: Do you want to stand (and even skip about like a liberated calf) […]

Return To Me


Sermon Text: Malachi 2:17-3:18 Outline: Wearying the Lord (vv.17, 5, 13-15) Return to the Lord (vv.1-4, 6-12, 16-18) Reflection Questions: How well do you feel like you know God? How concerned are you with getting to know him better? Is this conviction reflected in your priorities? In what ways are you dismissive of your sin? […]

Zeal For His House


Sermon Text: Malachi 2:1-16 Outline: Deepest Desire (vv.1-9) Unequally Yoked & Unfaithful (vv.10-16) Reflection Questions: What do you want/desire more than anything? Why? Do you have a problem with caring way too much about the approval and praise of others? Why do you care so much? Do you play favorites? How? Why? Read 1 Peter […]

First Love


Sermon Text: Malachi 1:1-14 Outline: Not Feeling the Love (vv.1-4) Forsaking Our First Love (vv.6-14a) Fixation (vv.5, 11, 14b) Reflection Questions: Do you struggle to believe that God & His Word are actually real & relevant to your everyday life? What does that struggle look like?Where (and when) do you go all-out – as if […]