Sermons from July 2017

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Whose Story Is It Anyway


Sermon Text: Psalm 78 Outline: Telling The Story Learning The Story Embracing The Story Reflection Questions: Where would you say your eyes are normally fixed in day-to-day experience? How are your thoughts guided or not guided by the story of God’s redemption for you? Are you afraid of your children or children you love falling […]

The Cry of Christ Crucified


Sermon Text: Psalm 69 Outline: Lamentation Petition Consolation Reflection Questions: Why are you so unexcited/unmoved by God’s salvation? (You know you are – otherwise, you’d be talking about it all the time) Read the “passion narratives” in Matt 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, & John 17-19 (yes, you can read nine chapters today). How did […]

The Power of Lamentation


Sermon Text: Psalm 6 Outline: The Depth (vv.1-5) The Dependence (vv.6-7) Delighting in the Dominance (vv.8-11) Reflection Questions: What’s the biggest problem in the world? What’s your reaction to it? (e.g. Anxiety? Anger? Apathy? Lamentation?) What’s something that you’re afraid, ashamed, and/or embarrassed to admit about yourself? Do you actually rely on God’s grace to […]

The Effect of God’s Presence


Sermon Text: Psalm 46 Outline: Secure (vv.1-3) Enlivening (vv.4-7) Awe (vv.8-11) Reflection Questions: How do you feel about God’s never-ceasing nearness? Does it make you nervous? Does it frustrate you? It is comforting (why or why not)? What would you do if the most manifestly reliable, constant, fixed point in your life went away? After […]