Sermons from March 2015

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Looking on the Heart


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-23 Outline: Humble Beginnings The Heart of the Matter The Helper Reflection Questions: What are some things that have happened in your life that seem purposeless? How might God be working through these unexpected means? Identify some ways in your life that you are overly preoccupied with outward appearances. In other […]

Whom Shall I Hear?


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 15:1-35 Outline: Not Listening Listening to the Wrong Voices Rejection Reflection Questions: What are some parts of the Bible that you don’t like to hear? Why do you prefer, in those cases, to listen to your own voice rather than God’s voice? How have you convinced yourself that your sin isn’t […]

Captain Credit & a Crucified Christ


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 14:24-46 Outline: Consumed with the Quest for Credit Consequences A Crucified Christ Reflection Questions: Write down 3 ways you try to get credit, recognition, and/or attention.  Write down 2 reasons why obtaining credit, recognition, and/or attention is so important to you. What is your primary – go to – strategy for […]

Reckless Reliance


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 14:1-23 Outline: Audacious Faith Armor-bearing Encouragement Astonishing Results Reflection Questions: When was a time you did something risky (perhaps even reckless) for the sake of something bigger than yourself? Read Hebrews chapter 11.  …In light of God’s definition and demonstrations of FAITH – what are 3 ways you’ve been misunderstanding (and […]