Sermons from November 2017

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Sermon Text: John 15:26-16:33 Outline: Overwhelms Overjoys Overcomes Reflection Questions: What is it that has you feeling overwhelmed right now? How would it feel if Jesus just showed up and took care of that concern for you? Could it be that He already has? When was the last time that you were keenly aware of […]

Abide vs. Being Awesome


Sermon Text: John 15 Outline: Abide in “Already You Are Clean” Fruit, Failure, & Faith Weathering the World’s Hate Reflection Questions: When was the last time you felt like you had to “Make stuff happen” and/or “Prove yourself” by willing something productive to happen? When was the last time “Proving yourself” clearly obstructed your calling […]

Ease My Troubles


Sermon Text: John 14 Outline: The Second Person The Helper The Father Reflection Questions: How do you try to ease your troubles? How does God go about easing your troubles? How do you feel about the FACT that Jesus plundered YOU from the ruler of this world? How do you feel about the FACT that […]

What Jesus Does To People


Sermon Text: John 13 Outline: He Tells Us Who We Are He Cures Our Insecurity He Longsufferingly Loves Reflection Questions: Will you read Ezekiel 16 today? If “yes” then do it! If “no,” why not? What would Jesus say about you to people? What are your go-to strategies for “proving yourself”? When does caring what […]