Sermons from November 2019

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Secrets Of The Kingdom


Sermon Text: Luke 8: 4-18 Sermon Outline: Stories vs. Solutions Embracing Exposure Reflection Questions: What problems are you presently facing? Has God provided you with “solutions” or stories? What do you think God wants you to do with the stories? Why is it absolutely critical that you imaginatively inhabit the stories God tells? How are […]

What’s With All The Women?


Sermon Text: Luke 8: 1-3 Sermon Outline: Student of History Smart Savior Reflection Questions: I dare you to read the entire gospel of Luke this week, and every time a woman is mentioned send a text message to your shepherding elder telling him one impression you had about the woman. Have you been personally and […]

The Jesus Threat


Sermon Text: Luke 7: 36-50 Sermon Outline: Taming Jesus Treasuring Jesus Reflection Questions: How – specifically – have you encountered the ‘untamableness’ of Jesus? Have you come to acquire a taste for the real Jesus? How? Put yourself in Simon’s “shoes” …how would you feel about this disreputable woman crashing your dinner party and causing […]

Dissatisfied OR Delighted


Sermon Text: Luke 7: 24-35 Sermon Outline: Searching For God Settling For Self Satisfaction Reflection Questions: How are you searching for answers these days? Where do you turn for affirmation and questions about your purpose in life? Do you truly partake of Jesus (personally and experientially fellowship with Jesus), or do you simply know about […]