Sermons from October 2014

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The Master Chef


Sermon Text: Mark 8:1-21 Reflection Questions: What do you crave? If you could actually control your life, how would you spend your time? What would you do tomorrow with a surprise day off? How much time would you spend with Jesus? Is there anyone in your life going (spiritually) hungry? Is it you? What might […]

The Director of Divine Detox


Sermon Text: Mark 7 Reflection Questions: Where, or upon what, do you focus your strongest desires?  What are you infatuated with?  What do you constantly think about?  Write down 5 specific ways this obsession is defining and dominating your life? What are your “functional saviors?” (i.e. where do you go to get your validation cravings […]

The Soul Man


Sermon Text: Mark 6 Reflection Questions: Are you offended by the fact that Jesus makes you feel small?  He compares you to sheep (arguably the stupidest, most moronic, muttonheaded creatures on the planet). What are some specific ways you make yourself feel big?  Consider and discuss how this makes Jesus feel (Mark 6:6). When was […]

The Almighty


Sermon Text: Mark 5 Reflection Questions: When, or where, would you NOT want Jesus to be present?  When, or where, would the presence of Jesus be disruptive to your life?  How has Jesus encroached on your preferences? In Mark 5:17 the Gerasene community begs Jesus to depart from their region.  Why do they want Jesus […]