Colossians & Philemon

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God’s Prized Possession


Sunday Worship July 14th, 2024   “God’s Prized Possession” I Peter 2:4-10 Mr. Tennant Brastow   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: The Promise Of The Church The Power Of The Church The Privilege Of The Church Reflection Questions: Have you ever felt the pull of belonging to a lot of different groups (professional, neighborhood, kids’ […]

Jesus Comes To Us As A Gift Of Grace


Sunday Worship June 30th, 2024   “Jesus Comes To Us As A Gift Of Grace” John 1:1-18 Rev. Bailey Wagner   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Jesus Gives Us Life Jesus Comes Down To Us Jesus Gives Us What We Truly Need

Who are They?


Sunday Worship June 23rd, 2024   “Who are They?” Philemon 23-25 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Delighted Disappointed Devoted Reflection Questions: How do you feel about all the lists of names in the Bible? How has God forged enduring, edifying, friendships in your life through nitty-gritty life experiences? How have you […]

Under Pressure


Sunday Worship June 16th, 2024   “Under Pressure” Philemon 17-22 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Receive Debtors Prepare a place Reflection Questions: When was a time you received a very warm and robust welcome? Were you worthy of such a welcome (did you merit such a robust reception)? Or was the […]