Sermons from January 2023

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Sunday Worship January 29, 2023   “NO NOMINALISM!” Judges 2:6-15 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Knowing God Knowing About God Unquenchable Joy OR Terrible Distress Reflection Questions When was a time you really got to know God (as opposed to merely knowing about Him)? Are there any people in your life who […]

Real Repentance?


Sunday Worship January 22, 2023   “Real Repentance?” Judges 2:1-5 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Confrontation Contrition Change? Reflection Questions What’s been your experience with confrontation? What’s your criteria for confrontation? What’s one thing you feel bad about, but you don’t actually repent of it? Read 2 Corinthians 7:8-11. When was a […]

God’s House


Sunday Worship January 15, 2023   “God’s House” Judges 1:22-36 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Bethel Zeal For His House Reflection Questions How do you feel about the fact that God isn’t satisfied with you merely believing in Him, but He is zealous to make His abode with you!? Just as the […]

Confidence and Fear


Sunday Worship January 8, 2023   “Confidence and Fear” Judges 1:8-21 Rev. Tyler Dirks       Sermon Outline: Confidence Fear Reflection Questions How have you personally experienced Christ-centered confidence (as opposed to ‘foolish confidence’ [see Psalm 49:13])? When was a time someone challenged you to boldly trust and obey God, and pursue something radical […]