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by Tyler Dirks

JOY.  Everyone wants it.  Many reject it because we have married ourselves to our own cynicism and insecurities.  But we cannot fully quench our craving for it.  We cannot escape, or completely sever, the hardwired desire for joy because the very root system of our cynicism feeds off of our fundamental longing for joy – […]

What Has Become of Rest?

by Christine Yost

Sunday morning, Mother’s Day & I’m on my way to meet my son & daughter-in-law for church. Whoops! Just talked to them & there was confusion as to what service we were attending. So now, it looks like that I have 1½ hours to do whatever. No problem. I will park somewhere read & pray […]


by Tyler Dirks

I once was the proud owner of a forest. The formation of my forest came about quite naturally, for it was a forest of egotism. When it comes to egomania I’ve always been a natural – I don’t even have to try …it’s effortless! Every square inch of my self-serving sanctuary grew up naturally …no […]

Why Did God Appoint Feasting?

by Jason Piteo

There are tons of references in Scripture to meals and feasts that God appointed for his people. Of all the basic functions that humans do on a regular basis, eating is the most recorded in Scripture. Food plays a major role from the beginning to the end of Scripture, from the Garden of Eden to […]