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Jesus & Draft Day

by Tyler Dirks

Consulting and consultants are “a thing” nowadays.  Let’s pretend Jesus encountered a consultant as He was putting together His team of disciples – – – > C:  So who do you have your eye on? J:  I really like this guy Simon. C:  Simon …Simon …Simon …I’m not seeing this name on the list. J:  […]

Let’s Read the Whole Bible Together

by Jason Piteo

Have you ever tried to read the whole Bible in a year and failed miserably within a month or two? Did you have a zeal or resolution to devour all of Scripture only to come up short and leave you frustrated? Why does this keep happening? What can’t you stick with it? If I am […]

Excuses Excuses Vs. Exposure Exposure

by Tyler Dirks

David’s Defense Attorney [Closing Statement]:   Did my client shirk his responsibility as king by lounging around the palace while his army was at war? Let the record show that my client wouldn’t’ve stayed in Jerusalem had he not fought so many rigorous battles in the years and decades prior to this long-overdue, hard-earned, sabbatical […]