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Propaganda Is Thoughtful

by Tyler Dirks

Most of the time I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I run. However, from time to time I prefer music; and this morning the music was made by an artist named Jason Petty (a.k.a. Propaganda). I invite you to savor some of his lyrics – – – > I don’t why, still […]


by Tyler Dirks

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering, “What was it like in Galatia 1,978 years ago?” You’re pondering the question, “What did people in the ancient highlands of modern-day Turkey consider to be ‘important’?” It just so happens that this morning I was reading a first century letter written to people in Galatia! As it […]

East of Eden [Chapter 34]

by Tyler Dirks

My wife gets car sick. However, for some reason if she’s behind the wheel the motion malady is held at bay. So when she declared herself driver on a recent expedition to Mt. Mitchell, I knew that my fate as reader had been sealed. My wife’s pastor has been badgering her to read East of […]