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Why I Love My Church

by Christine Yost

I love my church because it makes a big deal about church membership and I need my brothers and sisters desperately. I love my church because it shows me God in all of His glory and it reminds me that I was made to live for such glory. I love my church because it clarifies […]


by Christine Yost

It is sometimes said, “There is neither rhyme nor reason.” I feel that way about many things – mostly technology issues. But there are other things as well. For example, about 3 months ago I had a friend move in with me. Usually, that is not such a major event. But I had lived alone […]

The Silence of the Lamb

by Christine Yost

As my eyes fell upon the bible this morning for my daily reading, the bold print read “Jesus Begins His Galilean Ministry”. For some reason I found this statement strange. Jesus, the Son of God, the second Person of the Trinity actually has a ministry?? Ministries are for men like my pastor who has a ministry to his flock […]

Idols: Knock ‘Em Dead

by Christine Yost

I had a rat in my house one time. Yikes! I tried to get it out but it was too fast. It found some super hiding place & for days, I knew it was present but didn’t know where. Finally, some men who were doing some home-repairs in my house discovered it. Thankfully, it was […]

What Has Become of Rest?

by Christine Yost

Sunday morning, Mother’s Day & I’m on my way to meet my son & daughter-in-law for church. Whoops! Just talked to them & there was confusion as to what service we were attending. So now, it looks like that I have 1½ hours to do whatever. No problem. I will park somewhere read & pray […]