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Every Moment Holy

by Tyler Dirks

I am a fan of The Rabbit Room (thank you Corndawg for introducing me to TRR!). Their mission is to make things good, beautiful, and lasting, and I see (and have often been the recipient of) the humans of ECPC striving and struggling in this mission as well. I want to pastor you toward the […]

What God Said to the Serpent

by Tyler Dirks

Good morning faithful blog readers! I hope you are finding it impossible not to be enthralled with your Maker this week; and I hope that you are finding it impossible to avoid repenting of your personal, specific, and substantive errors and blunders …and having thoroughly wrestled against your own selfishness and against the rulers, authorities, […]

The Joy Of Him In Us

by Tyler Dirks

Picture a person with unsurpassed supremacy and influence. You overhear this person conversing with someone else, and they make mention of YOU! It is odd to hear your name upon lips as formidable as this, but it’s unmistakably true – he is talking about you. The unparalleled renown of this person would cause you to […]