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Woman With A Disabling Spirit for 18 Years [Luke 13:11]

by Tyler Dirks

Imagine there is a woman in your community who has been afflicted with a disabling spirit for 18 years. This woman is bound by Satan, she is chronically suffering a condition that burdens her to be bent over all the time; she hasn’t been able to straighten her back or stand upright for almost 2 […]

Learn to do good, seek justice, and correct oppression (Isaiah 1:17)

by Tyler Dirks

In 2016 the following was approved by the PCA General Assembly by a vote of 861-123, with 23 abstentions: That Overture 43 be answered in the affirmative, as amended; and answer all racial reconciliation overtures with reference to this action: Therefore be it resolved, that the 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America […]