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Joy To The World

by Tyler Dirks

Caveat and full disclosure: the following words are not my own. Moreover, the words are those of a Baptist (although we cannot with absolute certainty rule out the possibility that he is a closet Presbyterian). Without furher ado I give to you the words of Albert Mohler:   Many Christians would be surprised, and perhaps […]

Ready to Die [nunc dimittis]

by Tyler Dirks

Remember Christmas 2015? Me neither. But this post from 2015 was recently brought to my attention, and I have decided to re-post it. Enjoy! Well, it’s Christmas time! And of course that means we’re all ready to die. Right? Christmas time and death? …What do these have in common? What is Tyler talking about? Has […]

Evangelism During Christmas

by Tyler Dirks

Christmas is one of the EASIEST times to talk to your non-Christian friends and acquaintances about Jesus. As always, evangelism must involve genuinely loving others, so at every turn your aim includes being sincerely curious about the opinions and views of others (rather than baiting people into a quick conversation merely to blitz them with […]

Great Tidings of Love Announced

by Tyler Dirks

I jump the gun on Christmas. Carrie and I met in the summertime, and one of the first (but certainly not the last) ‘Tyler Oddities’ she encountered was the fact that I like to listen to Christmas music in July. I realize we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but I just can’t wait any longer. […]

How To Do Evangelism

by Tyler Dirks

It’s on the list of things you know you should be doing, but it’s awkward and scary. Telling people about what God has done in human history, and how God has invaded your life typically feels forced and uncomfortable. But I’m about to make your evangelism work much much easier! Simply start by asking anyone […]