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Violence in The Bible

by Tyler Dirks

From time to time I tune into the APJ podcast. THIS ONE from September 25, 2020 is a must listen. And in addition to listening, here is an excerpt especially worth reading and retaining – – – > God’s presentation of these violent things in writing in the inspired Scripture is no mistake. He presents […]


by Tyler Dirks

I just learned that there are 10,080 minutes in a week. I learned this while eavesdropping on THIS conversation between Andy & Tim Timmons. …Tim points out that Jesus’ wife invests approx 80 minutes per/week singing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, confessing sins and faith, receiving assurance of forgiveness, and attending to the supernatural revelation […]

Hungry For More!

by Tyler Dirks

It’s truly a dilemma. You feast on real food with your true siblings on Sundays, and then Monday rolls around and you’re hungry for more. What if told you that there was a guy named Brian who could hook you up with some Monday soul food? Check it out (skip to the 42 minute mark).

Engaging Triggers in Marriage

by Tyler Dirks

@ some point in 2021 (perhaps February) ECPC will host a simple, yet substantive, marriage retreat. Here’s a little PREVIEW. “Normalizing the fact that triggers are going to be there, everyone is going to experience them and you can’t avoid them, they happen, I think can also help mitigate a little bit of shame that […]

Secret Service

by Tyler Dirks

A few weeks ago I visited a friend. It was an enjoyable visit. A few hours after the visit I suddenly found myself inexplicably wondering if I had said anything offensive. I analyzed the conversation and quickly determined that nothing was out of the ordinary. However, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that perhaps my […]

Jesus Has Questions

by Tyler Dirks

I was chatting with Noah Schnee yesterday, and I asked him if he’d read anything good recently. He said that he just finished a book called “Exodus.” He said that Act One was thrilling, but the Second Act was tediously crammed with technical minutiae. For instance, here’s an excerpt from chapter XXVII, “You shall make […]