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Good Questions

by Tyler Dirks

1.  Who has God put in your life for you to listen to? 2.  How are you committing to people these days?  Are you committing to a specific/local Christ-centered community in such a way that it will hurt when it comes time to leave? (See Acts 20:36-38) 3.  What RISKS are you taking these days? […]

Christ’s Unbreakable Bible

by Tyler Dirks

“Jesus held Scripture in the highest possible esteem.  He knew the Bible intimately and loved it deeply.  He was always prefacing His statements with “It is written…”  At all times (Major &/or Minor &/or Mundane) He had Scripture on His lips [it was His weapon, wheel-house and womb …toe2toe with Satan, or being crucified, etc.].  […]

“Foolish” Wisdom

by Tyler Dirks

James 3:13-4:3 tells the story of two radically different views regarding wisdom.  The first view of wisdom is from the world’s perspective.  The natural/worldly understanding regarding wisdom is fundamentally prideful, and largely driven by bitter envy and selfish-ambition.  There is (and there has always been) fighting, war, and killing; and as you analyze the motivations […]