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Becoming Childlike [Part I]

by Tyler Dirks

How do you define greatness? The only perfect person to have ever lived summed-up greatness in one word – – – > CHILDLIKE. The most powerful person in the history of the universe says, “Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest in the Kingdom that is above all kingdoms.” Why is childlikeness so […]

Allergic to Your Actual Life?

by Tyler Dirks

Linda Wilkinson let me borrow a book a few months ago. “This too shall last” by KJ Ramsey. I took pictures of a few pages that resonated with me. Here are a few of my favorites – – – >

Miraculous Ordinary Help

by Tyler Dirks

Once upon a time, Eugene was asked a question about “spiritual direction.” And here’s how he replied: You seem disappointed that I am not more responsive to your interest in “spiritual direction”. Actually, I am more than a little ambivalent about the term, particularly in the ways it is being used so loosely without any […]

Which Manager?

by Tyler Dirks

Imagine a business office. Imagine that this office has a manager. This manager doesn’t emphasize productivity, but instead intrudes upon people’s personal lives. This manager isn’t too concerned with finances, but is highly concerned that everyone be friends and interact like a big family. Instead of harping on “company policies,” “safety protocols,” and “productivity,” this […]


by Tyler Dirks

PCA-ers have a big blue book called the “BCO” (the book of church order). There’s lots of great and helpful stuff in the BCO, and there’s a decent bit of boring material as well. Whatever your opinion of the BCO, it’s appropriate to wonder, “Why do we have a BCO?” Let’s acknowledge that all communities, […]

ECPC Leadership Retreat

by Tyler Dirks

What happens on an ECPC leadership retreat? Last weekend the pastoral interns, the deacons, and the elders of ECPC traveled to Lincolnton NC for an annual leadership retreat. Here’s what happened: Within the first few minutes of arriving Jon narrowly escaped a dog attack. For full details contact Jon directly, but suffice it to say […]