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Perspective & Priorities in 2020

by Tyler Dirks

Instead of New Year’s resolutions for 2020 I am sincerely inviting you to plan your funeral service. I know that sounds morbid, but in all seriousness if you want to prioritize what’s really important in 2020 then the best thing to do is consider what you want said, and who you want to be involved, […]

Becoming & Being Childlike [Part 1]

by Tyler Dirks

As a father of five I process approx. 235 lawsuits per/week. Kids are expert accountants, and they possess an innate knack for prosecution. However, roughly 234 ½ of the weekly charges filed get dismissed; and instead of proceeding to trial the “victim” is simply told, “Choose not to be mad; go play, have fun, be […]

Do you want joy?

by Tyler Dirks

Yesterday God sent his messenger Will Brian to tell us about JOY. For a somewhat nerdy definition of joy I suggest you contact Will directly, but I am compelled to share the following truths with you now: DON’T LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF GATHERING WITH YOUR SIBLINGS EVERY SUNDAY! God gives you joy […]

If You Dig You Get Diamonds

by Tyler Dirks

“If you rake, you get leaves. If you dig, you get diamonds.” – John Piper I attended a board meeting at the Simmons YMCA this morning. The meeting began with an earnest exhortation to thoroughly embrace the mission of the YMCA. So I decided to dig deep into the history of the YMCA to discover […]